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Our clients are saying...

"In the middle of one of our biggest projects of the year we were left stranded without a design firm partner. Reddoor came in to pick up the pieces and delivered on time. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible. Since that point I've had complete confidence in the Reddoor team to deliver beautiful results, even for our most complex projects."
Jennfier Kis
"Despite previous attempts, our brand and image has never connected with who we really are. When we engaged with Reddoor Creative they immediately impressed us. They began by listening to our hopes and where our organization was heading along with the image we wanted to portray.

The entire process with Reddoor was simple and focused: they honed in on our vision, offered direction and delivered. Our new brand helps us tell the story about how organ donation saves lives. Reddoor has helped to create a renewed energy within our organization and the organ donation community-at-large."
Jessica Rudd
"I've depended on Reddoor Creative for the last four companies I've led. Is there a better testimonial than that?

Reddoor has been integral to our growth, given us a clear voice, a distinctive brand presence and allowed us to compete with the major players in our industry. They've helped me grow Composition from a $1M company to a $10M company in a matter of a few years. I've seen the same percentages of growth for each of the previous companies we've worked on together."
Jeff Luchonok




Serving our clients, near and far.

We work with clients across the US and occasionally around the globe. We have designers sprinkled across California, Texas and Idaho, conveniently located near the Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Boise metro areas. Regardless of your location, partnering with Reddoor Creative will give you the confidence in your brand that you've been needing.

Tim Holmes

CA+ID Creative Director

Erik Svendsen

TX Creative Director

Our Values

Compelling Solutions

Well thought out creativity that tells a clear story.

On Your Behalf

We exist to serve and care for our clients by helping them with our gifts and talents.

Instill Confidence

Creating a boldness and pride for our clients that didn't have before.

Beautiful Design

We value, create and celebrate beautiful design.

Meaningful Work

The work of our clients matters to us as does our own work.

Life Balance

Encouraging a healthy work/life balance for ourselves and clients.

The Reddoor Story

Because of unforeseen circumstances owner, Tim Holmes, found himself stuck in LA with a white Toyota and a seemingly unfortunate red door.

The young designer soon realized that in city where "your wheels" are a part of your identity he had two choices: be embarrassed or embrace the moment. Choosing the latter he quickly told his friend how excited he was to get a red door since he always wanted a red sports car and thought he'd start with the driver's side door and just work his way around replacing one piece at a time.
The car soon became known as "reddoor" having its own personality because of the one thing that most people would see as unfortunate. With a proud owner it had no other reason than to be proud, too. What once was headed for the trash heap was now a gem of a story.
The original "reddoor" taught us two things at Reddoor Creative:
Find the unique quality within a business and tell that story in a compelling way.
Champion our clients and remember that we exist to serve them with our talents.

It’s time to arm your brand with a clear story and compelling design.