SCFAI is a cutting-edge clinical care and research center that is revolutionizing food allergy treatment.

SoCal Food Allergy
To better inform their patients, staff, and potential hires, we worked with Southern California Food Allergy Institute to clarify their process and develop a compelling website to clearly guide and inform visitors about their Tolerance Induction Program (TIP).
SCFAI is a forward thinking research based clinic treating children with anaphylactic allergies to achieve tolerance and remission. They take pride in the successes of their patients and are poised to grow to continue treating more children with allergies. While the TIP experience can seem daunting for young children, the life-saving experience is sought after by thousands of prospective patients. The website needed to clarify the process and invite visitors to learn more about SCFAI in a welcoming way.

A Fresh Face for SCFAI

To create an approachable atmosphere for patients, staff, and prospective hires, we developed a clear language using illustrations and animations throughout the site.
Clarifying the Customer Journey
We dove into SCFAI's TIP program to address the confusion patients and employees were experiencing in learning more about the program. After a thorough assessment, we found key areas to highlight and so prospective and current patients can better understand how the process works, and feel confident in their treatment plan.

Building a Language

Using elements from their existing brand and drawing inspiration from their process, we developed an illustration style that served as the base for the icons and animations throughout the site.

A Gummy Bear Journey

One of the endearing methods for providing dosages to children is with gummy bears. We used this character to represent the patient journey by placing it in context to travel and exploration. As visitors navigate the site, the gummy bear makes it's way towards the top of the mountain, representing remission after it overcame challenges along the way.

Guiding Patients on the Right Path

With patients coming from all over the world, travel becomes a through-line in all the pages, Visitors are directed to their "zones" where they can find the appropriate information for their patient journey.

Creating Dynamic Moments

With such a playful visual direction, it was only appropriate to include special moments throughout the sites by animating illustrations to elevate the message in each page.

Reddoor Key Characteristic

Compelling Visual Communicators

We are enemies of mediocrity and are unwilling to accept average work.

To create a compelling experience, we used playful elements to make the new SCFAI website approachable and informative.

A Carefully Made Package

It is important for patients to understand the commitment necessary to be part of the program so the entire flow of the site is dedicated to a patient's journey. It begins by leading them to the correct treatment zone, to understanding what it means to be part of the program, and guiding them through each step within the program. With clarity, prospective and current patients can feel confident moving forward and

It’s time to arm your brand with a clear story and compelling design.